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The e-commerce.

Looking for site feedback


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Our shop has been online for a couple of weeks, and - though I am still working on adding more products - I would really appreciate some feedback from other store builders!


Tribal Dance Folk Mailorder


No need to use silk gloves, let me know what you think can be improved! (Missing pictures I am aware of, am also adding product descriptions ASAP.) We had set a date for going online, and I simply didn't manage to do everything in time :/ Now I finally do have that time.


Lots of thanks in advance :)

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Well first off, the design isn't bad. My first complaint is that it takes at least 3 clicks to see anything useful. You need a way to display what your selling on the landing page. There is just way too much text that no one is ever going to read.


Second, your site is really slow to load. I don't know if it's your server, or if you need to save your images in a more compressed format, but it sure takes awhile.


Anyway, I have to actually get to work, but those are my first impressions.

osCommerce is a great piece of software with wonderful contributions.

Spend some time in the contribution area. There are a lot of gems there.

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The design of your site is very monochromatic.. Green and white and green.. I personally would add some other shades of green to it, as it just looks a little "unfinished"? I do like it enough as it is though- It's not way over the top and it's still pretty tasteful.


I love your products! I am a little put off by the Euro pricing to be honest though. There's a celtic knot pendant there I'm instantly drawn to, which actually goes really well with a ring I have. (I'd tell you where I got it but I honestly can't remember! Sorry.)


My own store sells (or will be selling) jewelry and we've kept well away from rings for the time being as sizing is a problem. As I don't know precisely whether a ring I buy from you will fit or not, I'm afraid that puts me off a tad too.


Aside from that, there are one or two things I could quite happily buy from you, including some apocalyptica merchies (They'd run out at the stall when I saw them in Feb!)


I do agree with Ryan in that your site's a little sluggish to load up.. But it's not too much to put me off completely.


All the best with your store.


(P.S. =>

Typo on Motif/Motive? Product AR002 Celtic knot bracelet) :)

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1. Nice clean layout. You have done a bit of work on your site.


2. I would tone down the green a notch. It is just a bit too bright. Unless you are selling sweets or kids toys, bright and primary colors are a bit difficult on the eye.


3. Your homepage does not work. The first page is the gateway to your site and it need to be interesting and inform the potential guest what your site is about. Yours just shouts blah blah blah. Many users would click away and that is a shame as you have interesting products. Brighten it up a bit and let the guests know what you are selling, and why they should stay.


4. Try one of the image contributions. Your product images are too small. If somebody buys something on the internet, they need to have a clear view of what they are buying. Small and fuzzy images will guarantee a lack of sales. If you are selling online, you biggest budget should be photgraphing the images to make them appealing.


I hope these comments help.



*link removed*

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