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PayPal - rounding shipping value on payment page..


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I?m using a version of OSC called 7dana, its pretty much OSC but with some pre-installed contributions ? so far its been good.




For some reason PayPal rounds the shipping value. The HTML for the PayPal payment (IPN) page looks fine, all values in the hidden fields are correct, but when the page submits to PayPal the payment page shows the incorrect shipping value. For example?


<input type="hidden" name="shipping" value="2.04">


Becomes on the PayPal payment page




Its getting rounded?


Is there a known fix for this?


My idea was to mod the scripts so that the entire order value is stored into the amount, leaving shipping as 0. This would get round the problem, but I can?t find the code! I have looked through every script remotely to-do with PayPal and payments, yet can?t find the bit that prints/creates the form HTML code that gets submitted to PayPal.


Please help!


Many thanks,



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