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Change Links in Languages Infobox?


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I would like to completely remove the three default lanugages flags which reside in the languages infobox on the right hand side. I would like to replace them with my own Bablefish translator box, but I am undertain if it is possible to change or remove the existing images and links (of the flags).


I have tried playing around with several files, to see if I could figure out how to alter the content of the Languages Box on my own, but it never works right.


Has anyone ever replaced the contents of an infobox? Anyone have an idea how to do this?


If it is not possible, how does one go about completely removing the entire languages infobox?


Thank you for your time, as always! :thumbsup:

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Actually, just wanted to add this here in case anyone else is working on changing the languages infobox.


I found a great mod that worked in a matter of 2 minutes. Super easy. It does EXACTLY what I was trying to do on my own (replaces the three flags and standard language translation with a specialized Bablefish box).



(I used the Curtis Anderson edit)


Hope this helps someone else, too!

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