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The e-commerce.

Please help with email configuration


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Hey there.


I'm trying this whole OS Commerce thing out - And I love it so far.. Only problem that I cant figure out is that my customers (me testing, actually) get their emails.. But I don't get their order emails..


I have my email settings set to SMTP and CRLF.. And the correct addy in the configuration for store owner and email address.. And I have tried several different working emails addys and clients..


Any reason why this is happening?


Am I missing a setting?


My deepest appreciation. :blush:

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are you using a windows server for email?

also please no double posting  . . .


do not use aliases in email if windows


Sales <[email protected]>


[email protected]


My apologies for double posting.. I wasn't sure which section to place it in.


As far as a windows server. No, I don't hold the server. I'm taking over a site for a company that domain hosts through www.web.com that offers pop3 and smtp mail.. So I have looked through all the control panel options and I can't seem to see why it isn't working.


Any suggestions?

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smtp anc crlf is for windows servers, sendmail and cr is for *nix, so if you dont know what operating system you are on, i would suggest not changing things and put them back the way they were prior to you starting and find out what os you are working with

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