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hello to anybody that may be able to help me, below is a copy of what im asked to do , please bear with me as all this stuff is really confusing me as i presume all help files or read me txt files, to me are very hard to understand.


i have to do this


Database Files to Import: 1 #


HTML_WYSIWYG_SQL.sql --> PHPMyADMIN --> MySQL Database Import --> GO *



the above is what i have to do, when i go to phpmyadmin i had trouble finding import, but selected the query window and found an import tag is this the place where i import this file to , i have done all backups ( well i hope i have)



Import files

SQL-history < these 3 tags were the ones i had to select from i take it i have to select import files to import the HTML_WYSIWYG_SQL.sql file.


sory for the long way around but i am having trouble with getting an wysiwyg editor running as this is the one function i need to get my text in order, i pressume, well bugger to be honest i hope im correct.


thanxs anyone for your time.


from titch, im dont have a bloody clue what im doing but im not going to stop till i get there.

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if you go into phpmyadmin you can click on sql


you should see a large square on top where you can put information and under that a small text box with a button next to it that says browse


you click that, find the sql file for the contribution you are installing, select it then click on go


or you can open the sql file on your computer using notepad, select all the text on the file and paste it in the large text box that is there when you click on SQL then click on go


hope that makes sense

Wendy James


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

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:) yes thank you that makes it a lot more understandable, sorry for sounding like an airbrain but i find it hard to understand some of the help sections as they are a little bit hard to understand if you dont get a lot of this stuff, will perservere till the end and thanxs to all the people who take the time to help newbies like myself


we do appreciate the time and effort

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