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Delete many customers at once


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Some butt munch setup some script and is constantly registering accounts over and over again.. it rotates his damn ip to so i cant just block the guys ip.. I had to change the name of the creat_account.php file to get rid of the turd


Anyways he registered over 17,000 accounts all with the same name "John Smi"


Is there a script i could run to get rid of all this crap from my database in phpmyadmin... I know theres a bunch of tables that account info is stored in and i want to make sure i dont mess up the DB before i start messing with it.


Any help would be appreciated.



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It would be very unwise to run a script anyone gives here without letting them see the actual data, since there's a high probablilty you could lose valid accounts if not done properly.


Can you look at the raw access logs and get this person's ISP information? Or ask your host to take a look. If you manage to find it (and he would have to be pretty smart to be able to totally obfuscate this), E-mail their "abuse" department or whatever, citing "malicious attack" and they should boot him permanently.


In the future, consider some sort of account validator (i.e where a non-machine readable string is displayed that needs to be input before account is created)

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You could use a delete command with a WHERE qualifier, Eg DELETE from 'customers' WHERE 'customers_lastname'='smi';

Then do the same for address book using a piece of the address that is unique to the bogus accounts. Back up your db info first, in case you make a mistake!



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