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Product name length is too short


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My products' name gets cut off when displayed online. When entering in admin it looks fine, but online it gets cut after 11th character. This is for russian language only. Works fine for english. Where do i set the right parameters for russian?


Here is My Webpage



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The product length is set in the DB but I can not remember where. At least that narrows it down. :-"

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If you are using C Panel click on your "My SQL Databases". At the bottom of the page the next page you should see a link that says "phpMyAdmin, click on that. Select your osC Database from the column on the left. Scroll down till you see the line "Products" and click on that. You should have a table where one of the fields is "Product Model". Try editing that length to a larger number and save it.


Then go to your osC admin and enter a longer product name and hopefully ??? it should appear.




If the number beside Product Model is "11" then you have the correct field. If not then you will have to search for the correct one.

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