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The e-commerce.

TipTopTable - a site for bon viveurs


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This is a fairly pared down and simple site designed to show off the product range - Accessories for good food and fine wine.




I'd be keen to get some feedback on it. I can see a challenge in getting noticed / found as it's not the most obvious product range for online sales.


the site's just gone live today 8th May 2005. So if you can't resist placing a test order can you please mark it very clearly as a test order, thanks


Thanks to Burt btw - both for his book(s) and helping me out with a DB mismatch yesterday, cheers Gary biggrin.gif

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I actually like this site a lot. Clean, simple, and well done. Even though it's pretty stock osc - it works. I looked around and couldn't really see anything I didn't like. :huh:


I think it's perfect as is - a site I would definitely shop at as it's uncluttered and professional. The green is surprisingly a great choice & your pics look great.


Maybe the only thing would be to cut down the check out pages- instead of going to the dreaded "new customer old customer" go directly to the shipping info page. There are a lot of directions in these my store pages on how to do that. They create the account anyway & it just quickens the process with less clicks.


Good job and good luck! :thumbsup:

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Well let me first start by saying, I like the clean feel. I espically like your navigation.


Note 1: The image http://www.tiptoptable.com/images/WJP_tiptop69_100.jpg looks kinda distored to me. When I first looked at your site, that was the first category that I looked at, and I though you didn't have a thumb contrib installed.


It's a bit plain, but that's not necessarly bad. There just isn't anything to set it apart from any other site selling the same stuff. And your prices seem really expensive.

Screwpull Lever Model sells for $68 USD at my local grocery store, and you have it on sale for $123.88. Ouch!


You did a good job of eliminating the boxes you don't need, and I like that you kept everything on the left-side.


You know, you already took the step to prompt the user to press the update button after they have changed the quantity in the shopping cart. Why not just go the extra step and update it for them if they click checkout or Continue to shop. That's what we did on our site, and it seems much more intutive.


You may want to think about the purchase without account contrib. I haven't used it on my sites yet, but I think that it's a good idea. Having to create an account scares people away. You probably don't need the news letter checkbox on the create account page. I can't think of anyone that would want a news letter from a store like yours.


You may want to consider getting an email address with your domain. Currently you have [email protected] which seems a bit amature. I would reccomend something like [email protected] It just looks more professional.


Good job on the information pages. I hate doing those. I always push that job onto my Project Manager, and he hates doing it also.


Not a bad start at all. I think that the site could use a little bit of character, but not at the expense of the nice clean layout. I think that your prices are going to be what kills you.


Good work :thumbsup:

osCommerce is a great piece of software with wonderful contributions.

Spend some time in the contribution area. There are a lot of gems there.

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I really like this, clean simple, everthing seems to work, see no issues yet, maybe a little info on the Manufacturer someplace as these are high end products?.

I would buy, but those items are not yet in my budget :) , and will never be if I don't get my own store working :)...


Best of luck to you.

The way of life, and the way we work for you.

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Wow, great feedback. thanks to everyone who took the time. It's not my site, I just pulled it together


Agree about simplifying the checkout procedure or maybe installing PWA.


The distorted image is rather excessive use of the Sharpen filter I think. I'll just redo the thumb. I do all the images 100px, 140px, 200px and 400px offline in a batch process and don't use a Thumb contrib.


The prices :) Yes I know - This is a business that is used to selling its product at charity fairs. I think they're very new to the web as a medium. We'll have to see how they go and they may have review their pricing structure.


We had a bit of a time with the Header and logo size. The reason I lumped the basket and the search into the header was because of the huge amount of room up there. The logo just looks lousy when it's reduced much more. As a matter of interest to other store owners what % of your visitors are still using 800 x 600?


I agree about the email as well. The store owners are aol users and they want to continue to use it. I guess I could setup a forwarding account on their new domain. Good point.


Again, thank you all. still some work to do obviously

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well I fixed the distorted image........


Can't fix the prices

Can't change the size of the logo


My DEV environment is down so I'm loathe to start playing around with PWA.....but I agree it should be done


<OT>does anyone know how to fix a dodgy Linux Swap partition</OT> HDA3 is not very happy right now :(


That said I still want to do something.....itchy fingers :)


What I'd really like to do is to change the product listings from the current "1 product per row" approach. Does anyone have any suggestions on that

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There is a contrib out there that allows you to have multiple columns per row, and it's configurable throught the admin. I think that if you just do a search for Product Listing, you should get some results. The one that I have installed on our new site came out looking good, but needed some custom coding. I think that it was osCProductListingSelect for MS2 update1_1.zip that I used. All I had to do was update it so the rows were even.

osCommerce is a great piece of software with wonderful contributions.

Spend some time in the contribution area. There are a lot of gems there.

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