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The e-commerce.

Is osCommerce right for me?


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My partner and I are trying to find an online catalogue and shopping cart solution for a site that will be selling mainly music LPs (records!) with a few CDs thrown in for good measure.


Some points we need to hit are:


- The ability to have multiple genres per album (item).

- Multiple formats per item (same album but in both LP and CD formats for example, each of course with their own inventory)

- The catalogue has to be browsable by artist, label, genre, and format.

- Ability to manage audio samples and easy cataloging for track listings.


Now I have the know-how to do this myself, but I am not fooling myself into believing that it will not be a very painful and time consuming undertaking. At the same time I don't want to start with a package that doesn't quite fit our needs and become trapped by it.


Looking through the contributions listing I don't see anything that jumps out at me that will add any of the features listed above. Some of them are kind of in there to begin with like basic genres (one genre per item only it seems).


I'd love to hear any and all opinions. I am not sure which I fear more, spending months starting from scratch or spending months tearing a package like osCommerce apart to get it to do exactly what we need.


I must admit I have not taken a close look at the osCommerce code, but how separate are the catalogue and shopping cart parts of the code? Would it be possible to build a custom catalogue that uses the osCommerce shopping cart? Just an idea...


Thank you for your time,



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osc is fast and easy to install, so you can play with it right away and see for yourself what can be done right "out of the box".


Adding some contributions so you begin to get the feel for how things work would probably answer more questions. And you'd start to learn what is possible through contributions and modifications.


Even if you don't pick osc, you'll be way ahead of the game by having a basis to evaluate other options.


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how would you create "- The catalogue has to be browsable by artist, label, genre, and format."

i'm trying to implement this is osc but havn't had all that much luck. any info is greatly appreciated. i've searched the site for a while and i'm sure quite a few poeple have this same task but i can't seem to find any were that shows how to go about it.

oh. something about the browsable by artist it would have to be able to have multiple artists on the same cd. (for compliation cds and movies). anybody been able to do this?

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