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Tax Problem - Adding tax changes the prices


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Hey All,


My problem goes like this:


I have an item up for $600. Store owner says that everything gets taxed at 8% so I set the product as a "Taxable Good". This changed the price of my item to 555.56. If this price were taxed at 8% it comes out to $600, but that's the retail price, not the after tax price.


Wierd thing is that it's only happening when I change the tax status in Easy Populate and upload it. If I do it through the admin interface, it changes the tax status without changing the list price.


Display prices with tax is set to false, but if I set it to true it displays the price as $600 again (555.56 + 8%). I've gotta be missing something, but I can't figure out what. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.


If you want to take a look, go here:


Prices should all be nice round numbers ($600.00 or $399.99)

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Nevermind, I got it. Turns out the problem was between the chair and the keyboard. If anyone else is having this problem, it's an Easy Populate issue.


On line 76 of easypopulate.php the default is:


$price_with_tax = true;


Change it to false.

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