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The e-commerce.

Making Oscomm the default page


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Hey all... freshie here :D


Thanks in advance for your help.


I have read as much as I can and have tried to implement what I have read but no luck so far, so I need some assistance.


The issue is trying to install my store such that when someone accesses the domain they go to the store. I have read here that I should install into the httpdocs folder, but when I do that the installation program installs a folder of that name into the httpdocs folder (essencially, httpdocs/httpdocs).


Also, I asked the hosting admin to map my httpsdocs folder to my httpdocs folder so I will not have to install to and maintain both folders, but they reply back with something about index.html, and I know oscommerce has no index.html file. Or am I wrong there?


Anyway, as you can see, I did my homework but the stars are not lining up.


Other than that the installation and configuration goes fine, but only when I do www.mydomain.com/oscommerce. In this configuration, all is well, but I do not want this and the hosting company is not being too much help right now: I got something for them though, soon. ;)


Hey... thanks again in advance.

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To install into the root of your domain, upload the contents of the osCommerce 'catalog' folder to your httpdocs folder - but you do not upload the 'catalog' folder itself.


Then you only have to go to http://www.yourdomain.com/install and start the installation into the root of your domain.


There is no index.html file in osCommerce, but perhaps there is one in the root of your website, in which case by typing http://www.yourdomain.com into your browser you will see this index.html page. Browsers look for homepages in a certain order, and index.html and index.htm come before index.php (the osCommerce homepage). If there is an index.html or index.htm in the root of your domain (httpdocs folder) then you should delete it.



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