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The e-commerce.

Simple function i need help to add


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I've added a loginbox to the left column and i have one little problem.

I tried to tweak it and set the field values to "E-Mail" and "Password" so i didnt need the "Enter E-Mail" and "Enter Password" above the fields. Instead, the fields already contains the text "E-mail" and "Password" so i guess the customer understands.


Bit id would like the "E-mail" and the "Password" text to dissapear when you click on the textfield so you can fill in your own without having to mar everything and press delete.


You can look at my store here; http://uttryck.hyperfly.net.

As you can see the "Password" text is displayed as "********" but i dont think that matters if it vanishes when you click on the textfield.


So, how do i make the text in the boxes vanish when a user clicks in the field?.


Hope you understood me :), thanks in advance // UnoBJ.

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