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The e-commerce.

Oops! I forgot a couple of things


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It's me again!


My first post is still in review to the moderators. And I forgot a couple of things.

I need to get that box out of the top area of the site (log in) and place it somewhere on the home page where it's not so obtrusive. The Welcome would you like to sign.... I want that gone.


I hope I'm being clear in my communication. the "Tribute" Section needs to be a drop down menu with 2 areas Red Rose Tribute and White Rose Tribute with the ability to expand as we add more "tribute type categories" poems, articles, etc.


I am liking what I see here with the creativity of different boxes and nav bars and really want to learn how to effect those changes.


Not being a programmer, I thought OSCommerce was a very rigid program, with little flexibility. My programmer (God love him) is new and rather inexperienced but he's gotten be this far so I have no complaints. But you guys are the experts, and I want the site to represent well. Please all feedback is welcomed.


Oh BTW Judge Greg Mathis' Mom will be my first Honoree of the Month so any suggestions on how to make the page background kind of special would be greatly appreciated. We're going live Today after 6:00pm EST if we can get some of these issues resolved.





oh yeah www.LuvyaMom.com

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Let me first say, I like to see different uses of osC then just the regular old e-commerce lingerie sites that everyone else is doing. We're currently working on a site that is going to be more of a company portal than an e-commerce site thats turning out pretty cool. I hope to have it posted before the end of the week.


Anyway, there are some definate issues with your site. First off, your infobox corner images aren't the correct color for the heading(ie: corner_right_left.gif, corner_right.gif).


I personally think that you have too much text on your landing page, and it kinda scares me off. I think that you need to have some images or something in there to get the idea across without having to read. As Joel Spolskey says "People can't read anything, and if they could, they wouldn't want to." Lots of text on a landing page is kinda intimidating, and will scare some people off. But thats just an opinion.


I think that you should get rid of the few osC icons laying around. I saw that you replace a few with cool animation roses(that was a neat idea), but the rest, you need to replace, or just get rid of. They just don't go with your site.


I also think that you could benifit by replacing the stock osC buttons. They aren't horrible with with your site, but you could really have something that goes much better with the design of your site.


Well anyway, I need to get to bed so I can get up in the morning and hunt bugs(Boo), but I like the overall idea of your site. It's a creative use of osC, and I always love seeing that.


Keep up the good work (your running out of time before Mothers Day) :thumbsup:

osCommerce is a great piece of software with wonderful contributions.

Spend some time in the contribution area. There are a lot of gems there.

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Thank you for your comments Ryan


Changes are being implemented immediately. I've enlisted the assistance of some "oscommerce" experts and hopefully they'll be able to smooth out the rough places.


I realize I need more pictures, and less verbiage, but I'm a writer and that's one of the things I do -- write plus, I'm on a TIIIIGGGHHHHT budget (Lol)


But I respect your opinions and appreciate your input. Keep checking back


Thanks again


Anyone else!?!?!?!?

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