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PayPal IPN Item ID not passing?


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I have a newly installed OSC and the latest build of PayPal IPN module 1.1.


I have some other contributions installed, including the one that lets a customer check out without creating an account PWA_0.82.


I got everything rigged, all the private and public keys set up, entered my first order and got the confirmation email via IPN to my sandbox email account.


What is notable in the shopping cart contents is what is missing:





Item Name: EyeTV 500, HDTV FireWire Digital Recorder

Item Amount: $349.00 USD

Quantity: 1

Total: $349.00 USD



Item Name: Dual BayDock 800, FW800 Drive, 240GB

Item Amount: $569.95 USD

Quantity: 1

Total: $569.95 USD

Cart Subtotal: $918.95 USD

Sales Tax: $68.93 USD

Cart Total: $987.88 USD


I am missing the Item ID field. Is this a configuraiton glitch on my part or something else? Could it be an interaction issue between PWA and PayPal IPN? While it is not completely a deal breaker, it sure doesn't make things easier on me if the IPN doesn't contain the item id codes, as at times when I am out all day I will phone orders in from the IPNs sent to me via pager, and it makes life quite a bit easier if I have the actual item id when placing the order.


I searched and searched but could find no other postings like this one.


Thanks in advance to all for assistance.

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