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How do I add a hyperlink intoa product description. I have "kits" see



"On stage" in the description I list the product that your require to make this page I would like to make it that my client can click on the product name and then be redirected to the relevant product so that they can purchase the items individually as well.


One day at a time - we all have to learn

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If it is for a product that is made up of multiple products IMO it would be better to use the Advanced Search function to create the URL that would be your hyperlink. That way you could pull up all the products that match your keyword (ie On Stage). Your link would then be something such as;


http://www.papercrazy.co.za/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=Film Reels%2C+Film strips&search_in_description=1&categories_id=&inc_subcat=1&manufacturers_id=&pfrom=&pto=&dfrom=&dto=&x=0&y=0


The link would be something like; (my code skill are not perfect so I am sure there is an error here, but it gives you an idea)

<a href="<?php echo tep_href_link(code from above); ?>">Click to see all products</a>


You could then search for each product title. If that doesn't work you could use some Advanced Search tricks to create the URL such as have each manufacturer products added on the same date then utilize the date fuction to screen out the non relevant ones (assuming all the finished products use only 1 manufacturer).





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