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Easy Populate v2.76b - ATTRIBUTEs mess


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I'm trying to use Easy Populate v2.76b with my store. I haven't built up the products DB yet. I'd like to use the attributes but it seems to be VERY MESSY thing. Is there a way to easily use attributes or is there anything else that helps me add options for the products (color, size, etc)


With EP attributes just show up as extra columns in Excel and using them is A MESS!


Please help or give me a link to some topinc in this forum (didn't find myself)




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if you dont want to use ep, you can use attribute sets contribution.

the thing with ep, if you looked at the sample data download via ep, you could see how attributes work.

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I'd like to use EP but attributes with EP seem to be very messy - hundreds of columns in excel - this isn't manageble at all :(


Also the default osCommerce attributes system is messy. So I really don't know what to do... but I want to use EP!

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unless you understand how the products attributes works within osCommerce, then tough to understand.

follow the process thru, of what has to happen. this is the manual way of doing things.

add product option from products attributes in admin. this data goes to one table

add option value. this selects the option from the previous entry and adds the option value together. different table.

add attribute to option/value. another table.

this is a very brief synopsis, thus within easypopulate, there are many tables which need to be updated, and they have to be done in order, else nothing works.

so trying to put all this together for the basics the osCommerce developers did a pretty good job, all things considered.

now try putting that into a script (easy populate), even more of a nightmare.

i use quattro pro 12 for my bigger sites with attributes, as it will go out over 18k columns

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Thank you Mibble. I did understand the system of attributes and how EP uses them and how to use them myself.


Is there any contribution that helps me manage attributes? In MS Access or Excel or somewhere... Its impossible to handle hundreds of columns manually :(

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