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Currency Problem


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I had Australian dollars as my default and US dollars as a second currency.

When I put an item in my cart, it was doubling the price of items. Ie - a $10 item was showing as $20 in the cart (yes there was only one item there).


I decided to just have $US and deleted the AUD and made $US my default.

Now, all amounts are just showing as $0, for every product, even for the sample data.


I checked the english.php file, and its has USD specified there:



What have I done wrong? :(

Thanks in advance for any help

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Firstly make sure that you are seeing 'USD' in the includes/languages/english.php file and not the admin/includes/languages/english.php file (it has been known to confuse the two).


Secondly, delete all Temporary Internet Files and Offline Content on your computer (you may be seeing the old cached version).


If none of the above works try restoring Australian Dollars, but set it to AU$ instead of AUD. For instance CAD should be the correct code for Canadian Dollars and does sometimes work - but at other times CA$ has to be used. Don't know why this happens - it just does.



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I checked all those things. Im using USD currency now, and english.php specifies USD.


Now, its gone back to showing double the amount. so $10 item = $20 in the cart.

The $0 problem is gone, but the double amount is back..


I added some of the sample items to the cart, and they show up as the correct price. So there's only a problem with the items I've added to the catalog showing double price in the cart.

It actually shows the right price on the website, before adding items to cart, its only in the cart that it is doubled.

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