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credit card + download link = blank page


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Ive enabled a download link for a file and when the customer goes to go payment method the customer is only offered payment by credit card.


The transaction goes thru but the download link presented on the checkout_success.php page leads to a blank page when clciked.


Ive checked the download link side of things a lot of times and Im beginning to think its maybe something to do with the productid/customerid.


Anyone know of ways of checking this?


Any advice would be appreciated

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to properly troubleshoot, explain all the steps you went thru, including adding the product and the file to the system. where is the download file located, etc.

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To check that i'm installing everything ok i made another install of a store. I turned on the download in Admin and went to product attributes where I linked unreal.zip in the download dir with an image in the store.


I went thru the credit card purchase and the download link worked fine with a download box appearing when the download link was clicked.


So i think i must have busted my main project - but theres so much work gone into that i dont want scrap it and rebuild if i can help it.


In the install thats causing the trouble Ive removed all the other mods from the payment modules in admin leaving just the 'credit card' module.


The credit card mod is on its defaults. Ive gone into product attributes and linked unreal.zip in the downloads dir with an image in the store. Ive gone thru the payment process ok and gone to the download link to download the file. clicking on the file creates a completely blank page.


At the top on the IE bar is the link to the unreal.zip. On the bottom IE bar is "Done". But the page is completely blank and it isnt "Done"


I've checked everything a load of times including changing download files and reinserting links but whatever I try i get this blankl page when I click on the download link.


I even tried replacing the download.php with a fresh copy but it didnt make any difference and I restored the old one.


I dont want scrap it and reinstall it without find the problem just in case it reoccurs.


Any leads or tests would be very much appreciated.



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