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How do you display more than one product image?


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Is there a way to display more than one product image?


For example, on this page:




I would love to display the back of the shirt as well, but can't figure out a good way to do that.


I see an option for:


Products Small_2 Image in Administration:Catalog:Products, but when I upload a file to that I do not see a change.


Any ideas?



ALTERNATIVELY...see the image I have uploaded for the front - is there a way in OSC to change the 'attributes' for the image such that if you roll over it it displays another picture?

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There are a number of contributions for multiple product images.





I just love the way people reply with useless information that the poster already knows.





I personally dont know of any as im new to this program. But from the looks of the example site it looks like they did that in photo shop. I.E. just croped a smaller image to the corner of the larger pic and put a blue shadow on the smaller image . Then save the whole image as one. That way when they insert it into the the catalog its all as one.


As a matter if fact checking the properties its exactly how they did it



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Nothing in the original post suggests he looked in the contributions. Many people have no idea there is a contribution area until it is pointed out to them.


Lot's of people use multiple image contributions to display alternative views of their products.



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