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Change column width


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I want to change the widths of column_left and column_right. I've merged all of the relevant links from column_right into column_left. I want to eliminate column_right entirely and make column_left wider. I just can't see where it's done.


Any help?

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If you want to completely eliminate the right column, you'll need to edit all of the catalog level php files, and comment out the right column code ( add // in front of the lines so that it gets ignored). You could delete the lines, but if you ever change your mind, it will be that much harder to undo (I got rid of the right column, and later changed my mind). The code in question looks like this:


<!-- right_navigation //-->
<?php require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'column_right.php'); ?>
<!-- right_navigation_eof //-->

*** The first time test this, you might need to comment out this as well to get rid of the void, otherwise, see what I wrote below ***

? ?</table></td>
<!-- body_eof //-->


If you do that, and there is still a void on the right, then go to this thread, and follow the advice in Nacer's post.



If you want your left column wider after this, then go into application_top.php and add more pixels in the BOX WIDTH define.



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