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Download link leads to blank page


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I turned on download in Admin and it worked ok.


Now when i go to checkout success i see the download link at the bottom on the checkout_success.php page and when I hover on it I get a link. But when I click it it just goes to a blank page.


At the top of the blank page on the IE bar it gives the link to where the download is and at the bottom of the page on the ie bar it says "Done" - but the page is completely blank.


I have tried absolutely everything - turning download off and back on trying it with different files, reloading zip files, etc etc etc


Any suggestions as to what causes a compeletly blank page ?





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pub properties is 777

download is 755

must have product attribute tied to product, and must have filename associated with said product attribute

there is a download controller contribution you can use too.

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I've checked those a lot.


Id like to try a download controller but i dont want to add anything until i get the basics working properly.


What i was hoping for was some basic tests that would identify the problem.


Download forces 'credit card' as the payment method but when I look up 'credit card' in the knowledge base - its another blank page.

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