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The e-commerce.

e-mail config problem and garbage on Outlook


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Dear All


I am new to osCommerce and very impressed so far. I have managed to get the new paypal module to run etc.


I have a serious problem which others may have encountered.


When I try to read e-mail sent by the site using Outlook or Outlook Express, the message subject is OK but the body of the message is filled with meaningless gibberish.


The message is perfectly legible on my web interface to my e-mail. I have run other systems from my server (Linux-based) which send e-mail and there are generally no problems (although a couple of other CMS seem to create the same problem).


It may be a coding problem as my web-based client reports coding as follows: "utf-8 > iso-8859-1". Changing the encoding on Outlook Express does not seem to work, at least with the limited options available. It may be a problem of e-mail headers and how Outlook interprets them.


I get the same problem whether I use sendmail or SMTP.


Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem and, if so, how did you fix it? I have asked my ISP to take a look too but do not know how successful they may be.


Thanks a lot for your help - I tried looking through the archives, but it is difficult to know what keywords to use. I have used all those I can think of but to no avail.



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