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Product Attributes


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I have around 300 products on my site, each products needs to have some different options.


The site is arranged into 3-4 different manufacturers each with a load of products, is there any way I can set the attributes quicker?


At the minute I am going through each product and adding around 7 different things for each, its very lenghty and boring, surely there is a quicker way to block add them?


Any suggestions / help welcome.



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You can check the contributions section, attribute copier and sorter might work for you. Or, you could enter the data directly to the database, using phpmyadmin to run scripts of commands you can assemble and copy from a spreadsheet. You need to be organized to do this, as you'll need to keep track of product ids, option ids, yada, yada, as you get the scripts assembled. The spread sheets are even better when your products are entered so that grouped ids are all in order. You can auto increment some variables, and copy and paste others that are constant for a given group. I split up an SQL command into cells so that each variable part of the command has its own cell, and can be filled with a unique value, as required. Then If you copy the whole page onto the clipboard, it will paste as a tab delineated block of text in the phpmyadmin sql window, and phpmyadmin will ignore the tabs. It sounds more complicated than it actually is.



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