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Problem viewing In WindowsXP


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I have installed a store and the store looks really good from my computer, I'm using windows98..But I looked at the site from 2 different friends computers both using windowsxp and the colors are wrong and the images are distorted. Is this a problem I can Fix?


Any Help Greatly Appreciated!!



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Colors will not look exactly the same on any 2 monitors. The gamma also differs between Mac and Windows, though I don't think it differs between Windows versions, though it could.


Calibrate the monitor you design on, and in theory the colors should look pretty much ok on any monitor, unless it is way out of whack. They won't be exactly the same, but should be fairly close.


Some would say stick to websafe colors, but that only gives you a 256 color palette. This advise is pretty outdated. Most people would be using at least thousands of colors if not millions. You might want to restrict yourself to 16k or 32k colors, as there probably are some people not running millions of colors. All decent graphic programs will let you restrict your working palette, and usually have presets of websafe (256), 16k, 32k, etc... There are probably also some online tools that you can give a hex color and it will give you the closest value in a given palette.


Also, when you save images for you site, do not embed your monitor's color profile. Either embed no color profile or a standard RBG one. If you use Photoshop, saving the images using ImageReady should take care of this for you by default. It is also in the prefs, and other programs should have color profile settings in the prefs or save dialogs.


Can't give any advise on the images without a URL. If they appear distorted, it is most likely an HTML issue that is causing them to appear stretched or skewed.

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