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The e-commerce.

Cant change configure.php permissions + more


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Hi Guys,


I get the following error when i try to install oscommerce :'(



A test connection made to the database was NOT successful.


The error message returned is:


Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (10061)



I think it is because i havent changed the configure.php permissions to 777. The reason I havent done this is because i cant do it through my ftp client, everytime i try, it says "could not change perms on configure.php".


That is the first problem, the second problem is i havent created a database. Actually I have created one in phpmyadmin (on my computer) but i dont know how create a user, and assign a user, and create a password etc.


(Using phpMyAdmin or other tool, create your database and user, and assign that user to the database. Write down the name of the database, login, and password for this database for the install fields later on.)


Also once i have done this, how do i upload this database to my website?? because i cant find the databse i created on my computer. Does the db need to uploaded in the root folder eg, htdocs?


Also my problem just may be what i am actually entering in the install screen.

Database Server: (I am putting my website IP address here)

and these last 3 i am making them up, because i dont have a database. But i read somewhere on the oscommerce site, saying that it will automatically make a databse for you.

Database Username:

Database Password:

Database Name:



Thanks for any help, and I hope you can read what i have just written


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The database needs to created on your webserver - you do this through your user control panel - you assign users through this also.


You should also be able to use the file manager thru your control panel to set the file permissions.


You can find installation help in our Documentation



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