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I have a client that is dealing with some Adult Novelties, and she wants to put a disclaimer on the page once it's clicked saying something like 'you must be 18 to view the products in this section.' An age verification would be cool, but definitely not required. I think most people on her site will be over 18, but you never know, and she wants to cover her butt a little bit.


Is there any way to do this now? Or can someone think of a way to modify the code so that this disclaimer will show and then somehow be verified? Ideally, I guess the whole category (and sub-categories) needs some sort of Cookie sniffer to see if it's been agreed to, and if not, then location = disclaimer?!


Can someone provide guidance, or solution? Thanks in advance.

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The only contribution i know of



is set that you must agree to terms to sign in and make a purchase... maybe looking at how they set it up would give you an idea or it could be altered somehow?

Wendy James


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

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There are a few contribs that are made for what you want. Searc h for Adult and age in the contribs. There is one that limits access to a category and there is one that is based on the registered age of the user.


I have a similar problem and I'm considering useing a contrib that allows you to hide items. I like the idea of hiding items so that guests can still browse the catalog and categories but be encouragd to register to gain access to the adult items. I plan to, in registration, have a statement they must agree to in order for them to have acess to hidden items.


Let me know what you plan to do.



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