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How to Set up Aol Email with OsCommerce?


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Below is the info on aol server email setup.

How do I set this up in admin panel? I dont see where to input this information.

Just a box to type my aol email address is all I see, not a box to type in the aol server settings. Thank you for your assistance.



AOL e-mail can be sent and received using other e-mail applications by setting up a connection to AOL?s e-mail servers. Setting up access to the servers is relatively simple, and the settings are similar for most e-mail applications.


The incoming e-mail server is an IMAP server. You will need to ensure that your e-mail application supports the IMAP protocol and you will have to select IMAP at some point during the setup process.


The outgoing e-mail server is an SMTP server. The SMTP server requires authentication, and you will have to select this feature at some point during the setup process. Using an authenticated SMTP server means that in order to send e-mail you must log in the SMTP server with a user name and password. The user name and password are the same as your AOL screen name and password. In addition, you need to change the outgoing mail (SMTP) port number to 587.


Incoming e-mail server address: imap.aol.com.


Outgoing e-mail server address: smtp.aol.com.

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oddly enough so far just putting my aol email address in the email settings box and selecting stmp allowed me to send a test email to a test customer account, and I also received an email to my aol from the test customer account.


The email said it was from my aol account. I didnt input any other other aol settings. How does this work exactly? New to this all but any details about how this works would help me understand better. Surprised I didnt have to enter aol server settings..

Since this is working , news letters and customer order emails should work too?

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Set up another test account and the welcome to the store email went out, and it gave my aol email address. Its very nice lol, just wondering how it works I guess.

I figure something like its going out from my host server but just masking it by inputting my aol email address. Thats a guess though!


Other quick question I have is how do I alter the welcome to my store email that goes out to new customers when they register? Thanks.

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You are never going to be able (successfully) to run your store using AOL as your e-mail service provider (whether dial-up or dsl). Many moons ago I used to use AOL, so do know what their system is like.


Firstly, the e-mail address you use in your osCommerce store should be an e-mail address on that domain. When you send out e-mails from your store, or just reply to e-mails you have received, you need to use the smtp service on your domain. If you send out e-mails in the name of your domain but route them via any ISP provider (not just AOL) this is called 'relaying' and most ISP's ban relayed mail these days (in order to cut down on SPAM).


Problem is with AOL that you don't have the ability in your AOL e-mail settings to send out mail using any service other than AOL. That's why it should not be used.



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