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This is something which has probably been addressed before, so apologies if I'm being repetetive... I'm a newbie here. :)


I started using OSC a couple of days ago and my shop's starting to take shape very nicely indeed. Thanks to everyone for working to make this such a superb product!



My question:

One thing that would probably be quite handy (for me, anyway) is a simple link on the main shop to the admin panel, much like PHPBB. Maybe incorporating a login with the sign-in form? Anyone tried this? I don't know PHP.. I'm still one of those HTML only troglodites!


Another thought which just occurred to me:

My site has three sections:


Main site (member subscription) using .htaccess

PHPBB forum

Now OSC.


My visitors will have to use three different logins. Anyone know of a really simple method to login once to all three sections, but still leave the option available for other visitors to choose to just shop or post on the forum?


There's some food for thought, anyway.


I'm not really expecting an answer to these. I just thought they might be something that is possible to do but no-one had already tried... Or something. :)



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