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?osCAdminID error?? bug? perhaps a glitcH?


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Hi. I use ZEND development studio for PHP editing. Its awesome. when i started using it, there were absolutely no pr oblems, then later i started getting %s?osCAdminID=f6c61ca9257a760fdf04e939d32bdf5e


something like that everywhere a <?php is and the php word is replaced by it. Why? If i open the file (click on the icon next to the file in admin file manager) it loads it in zend like this. If i edit it in admin file manager it is still like this. If i download it with CuteFTP (ftp client) it is still LIKE this.


Also few days after this started happening, now it is doubled. For example <?php turns into <?%s?osCAdminID=f6c61ca9257a760fdf04e939d32bdf5e&osCAdminID=3668e0bcb83d484e02503fc70cb2e61b



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Is there not a support forum for the zend development studio? Surely this would be a better bet.

How does this work? Is it web-based or does a copy reside on your PC? Does the editor grab the files from your host before you edit them, then re-upload them, or does it work only on locally downloaded files?

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