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The e-commerce.

Testing osCommerce then transfering it to new


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It's a weird situation, but my client has complete control of the host and databases that will be used to setup his site/eCommerce. he says that he cannot give me complete access to either except to install and configure osCommerce. I told him I would like to access the database that osCommerce creates and uses, but he says there is no way to give me the access without giving me complete access, which he will not do.


Instead, he created a new test domain for me to do everything on, and I will then have complete access to this new domains databases, etc.


I do not wish to do everything twice, so is there a way, once I have everything to my likeing, to transfer the entire store over to the main location, databases's and all? will this hurt any of the code?


Please help, having a meeting with them tomorrow and would like to know what I'm talking about by then.

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No problem at all, basically all you need to do is edit some of the values in the includes/configure.php file, and the admin/includes/configure.php file. As long as you don't add absolute links in any of your files, you'll be fine. If you were to add absolute links, then you could edit them too, when you transfer servers.



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Oh yes! Definitely. You can dev the site anywhere you have access. The only things you should have to change is the info in the admin and catalog config to match the settings wherever it lands. Export the db, import to new, change configs, you're done!



Everything's funny but nothing's a joke...

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You know, I don't think there is a step by step anywhere. It's excessively easy though.


Say you're deving your site on your dev machine and you've got it just the way you want it.


1. Zip or tar all the files up. Tar is better as you can keep all the perms set but zip will do. If neither of those is an option just FTP the whole dir.


2. Export your db. Best done from the commandline or phpMyAdmin



3. Upload the site, zip or tar files to their new home. Explode the archive if compressed.


4. Upload or insert db into mySQL. Again commandline or phpMyAdmin


5. Edit paths, urls and db access info to match current location in

includes/configure.php file



6. Test


7. If good, celebrate a little if not


8. Go to 5


That's it in a nutshell!



Everything's funny but nothing's a joke...

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