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Ok, this is a wierd one and I am sure someone will shoot me but.....


I have created a custom template for my site and the only way I could get everything to sit right in the cataloge/index.php was to strip all of the code out except things like column_right and application_top etc.


If I didn't take it out, the coding was insane and threw my template way out of wack. I spent tons of time trying to re-configure the tables etc with no success simply because there are so many nested together.


Anyway, my page looks great, and all of the links work except the product links. They just keep returning to the index page. I understand that this is because of the missing code.


My question is....Which code is absolutely necessary?


All I want is the main index page to show my main categories, then each category is to link to a page with images of just the products in that line, then when someone clicks on an individual product they are take to the more descriptive page and the add to cart.


I tried the define_mainpage contribution but am not sure that is what I need or is necessary to accomplish what I want.


Suggestions for the best way to accomplish this is welcome :D





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Thanks Iggy, I did try that but it was way more than I needed. I am hoping I will not have to start all over again as it took forever to get the template to line up and sit properly on the page.


I re-tried the define_mainpage and got it working (except for the admin area where I am getting a text file not found error...already posted in another forum lol)


My question is this,


Can I add lines to the mainpage codes to allow for more pages? I want to define my mainpage with the 6 main categories. (customized layout)


Then, when someone clicks on any of those main categories, they are taken to another page with the x number of products under that categories. (customized layout)


Then when they click on product x it takes them to the product description page with the option to add to cart. (hopefully customized).


Right now, when one of the main categories is clicked it goes to the next page but all the text from catalogue page is also below, so the products or subcategories are at the top while the main page text is below.


The set up is very much like javaroaster.com but minus one page in the sequence.


Question 2


What are the correct php codes so all categories and products are linked properly?


Right now I am using <?php echo tep_href_link('index.php', 'cPath=1')?> for the main page categories...is that correct and what should I use for the others?


I hope someone can help me with this, I am banging my head against a wall :blush:



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