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Credit Card processing dillemma


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Hi, we've been using oscommerce for about a year and a half now and we're really happy with it. I've installed the Authorizenet consolidated contribution to process credit cards. That works great for the most part. However, we are having some problems...


1. If a customer is having a hard time processing their order, they usually submit it 3-8 times before giving up. In the process we get charged for each attempt and it's adding up! It's most often AVS errors or General errors. We had one person try 20-30 different cards in a row (most of them were declined as pick up cards) before getting one to go through. Needless to say we voided that one successful one.


2. When an order is accepted, we can only see the last 4 digits of the credit card number. We have no way of verifying the name on the card, billing address, etc. We also can't process returns without the customer calling and giving us the number.


So basically, I'm sick of people trying to process the same information multiple times thinking it will magically work this time when they didn't change anything. And secondly we can't verify orders which is particularly a problem with international orders..


I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. What I've thought about doing is not using the Authorizenet consolidated contribution and switching to just the plain credit card payment module. This would allow me to verify orders and not get multiple process tries on a single order. I'm assuming the card details are stored in the database. Is this safe considering we are using a shared hosting service?


Thanks for your help!

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