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The e-commerce.

Integrating Product, Bundling and Category Mods


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First post!


Over the last few months I've given myself a good orientation with OS Commerce and I've successfully re-routed a basic store through my own presentation layer. (after I've made my drop-shadowed, rounded corner boxes more OSC compliant, I'll share them with everybody).


Let me say that this is the most greatest open source communities I've ever seen :D


The site I'm building is pretty ambitious as far as product relationships go, and the on-line documentation and downloads it needs to provide, and I've compiled a series of approximately thirty contributions to install over the next month.


The first big hurdle is adjusting the site to accomodate the complexity of my company's products and their relationships. I need to do things like expanding the product records with more fields, enabling multiple products in the same category, setting up bundles, product families, etc.


I have noticed many contributions for these purposes, and there is a lot of function overlap, and I don't have enough perspective yet on which are accepted standards and which contributions work well together.


Contributions I am looking at include: 'Add_ISBN_SKU_UPC', 'Products Extra Fields', 'Products Short Description', 'Related Products', 'Bundled Products', 'Family Products', 'Multiple Categories', 'Products Multi Checkboxes'.


There is also a contribution that I have seen mentioned 'Advanced Categories Admin' that I can't seen to find. (There seems to be a numerical index system for Contributions that gets referred to, but I can't seem to find the handle for this in 'Contributions'.)


I would be most grateful for any advice as to which mods are the classic 'essentials' for this stage of my project.



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