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My products are posters, and the pictures are all different sizes and proportions. The "thumbnail" pictures are squashed and out of proportion.


In the documentation it says:


If the images are going to be all different sizes a tip is to totally remove all the "width" measurements. Do not put a "0" in the space ... totally remove it and leave a blank space.


Then, on all the images in the store, osCommerce will resize them according to the "height" measurement and constrain the image so there is no distortion.


I tried this, as it seemed to fit my problem perfectly. I put a blank, not a 0. I reloaded the page, and the images were presented full-size (800x600-ish). The images were not constrained at all.


Any help?

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What did you put in at height?

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You have to have either width or height specified.

There are several contributions out there that allows you to set sizes for small medium and large images, as well as contibutions for thumbnails which also does the same thing... all of them you would have to specify either height or width though if your images are not all the same sizes.


You could always use a graphics editer to add to either the width or the hreight (using whatever color your background is so no one would notice) to make them all the same size which would resolve the problem of them being distored if you can't get it to work any other way.

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