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The e-commerce.

Multiple Storefront


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I posted this over some time ago and didn't get a good answer. Could someoone please help.





I finished designing my store. And I am in the process of submitting the site. I also have bunch of other domains that I would like to activate selling same products with same prices. This is how I approached the problem,


1) Backed up the entire "admin" & "catalog"

2) Coppied it over to new domain

3) Replaced the "olderdomainname.com" with "newdomainname.com" in all files (using dreamweaver)


Everything was done with few clicks and that set.

But the catch is that I am using the same database for all the store fronts. So if I modify lets say the name of the store in admin panel, that change will effect them all.


Was this a bad practice?

Is there a better way? Or a contribution that could help?



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If you are using the same database, why not just point all the domains to go to the same place?


Most hosts allow for redirection handled several different ways. Might be a much easier option.


Like my hosts allows for a complete redirect where you are sent to a different domain, or it allows you to show a different domain but with the url of the one you typed in. I think that would work with osc without a problem.


There are also a couple of contributions for running multible stores, but if you are basically just having one store across multble domains I don't think you would need them or atleast I wouldn't bother with them. I would just set up some sort of redirect.

Wendy James


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

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