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Another Lost connection to MySQL server post


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Let me start by stating that my webhosting service gives me no access to my php.ini and I can not have on my server extensions that are not "supported," which includes files like .htaccess or .csvignore. I uploaded everything in the catalog file to my server (except the long extension files as they are not allowed - I changed them to *.txt to at least have them as reference). Is that alone enough to stop me from being able to use osCommerce on the webhosting server I have now?


(My php.ini configuration settings do seem pretty favorable for being able to have permissions and settings to accomplish what I want to with oscommerce if I could ever get it installed.) I know there've been issues with osCommerce and PHP 5 but I'm running PHP Version 4.3.6.


My server uses/offers the PHPMyAdmin application. Is there something different in the installation/ preinstallation process that I can/should do to prepare through PHPMyAdmin? I've already configured the databases using mysql queries through the PHPMyAdmin portal.


I was told by my webhosting server that I need to use a http://www.mysite.com/folderthatmysqldatabaseisin reference instead of localhost when installing this to reach my mysql database. The username I'm using for the database has been granted all permissions for all databases. When I use the settings my hosting company tells me I should, I get:


New Installation


Database Import


A test connection made to the database was NOT successful.


The error message returned is:


Lost connection to MySQL server during query


Please click on the Back button below to review your database server settings.


If you require help with your database server settings, please consult your hosting company.


This isn't a one time error as though my server was just really busy at the moment. It always comes up with that error.


I tried using localhost anyway just to be sure, and for that the error message returned is: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (46)


I'm not a complete newbie to PHP and MySQL but I'd really been looking forward to trying out the more indepth and refined programming of osCommerce. I'd appreciate any pointers, tips or suggestions as to whether this can be overcome and if so, how I might go about it. I did search and found a lot of mention of the Lost connection during query errors, but nothing suggested in them worked for me. (I also read and followed clearly all installation and preinstallation instructions on oscommerce.info). Still nothing.


Thanks in advance for any help!



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Well, if you are installing osCommerce in the root of your domain, then the path to begin the install would be http://www.yourdomain.com/install


If you are installing osCommerce in a folder on your domain then the path would be:




But I wouldn't bother anyway. As your hosting has a very old version of php installed that server is just waiting to be hacked.



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Thanks for your encouragement, vger :P Truly with all the limitations and restrictions I have been considering switching my hosting server...


But til then, sorry if I wasn't clear. I started the install using the link you describe above. The error comes in in step 2 of the installation process, when I am given the instructions to fill in the following table:


Database Import


Please enter the database server information:

Database Server:



Database Name:

Enable persistent database connections?

Session Storage: Files Database


Hope that makes the problem more clear. Thanks again in advance for any suggestions!!

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