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SSl - Not protected


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Hi. I just got my dedicated IP address, and bought my ssl certificate, had my web hosting company install it.


They said: This is installed and tested, although there is an alert which pops up because the files are being referenced through ancienttimesonline.com not www.ancienttimesonline.com. This is probably just a configuration setting that needs changed in OScommerce. Adding the www

should work.


I still see in the admin section that it is still saying: You are not protected by a secure ssl connection. Is this due to the warning sign? If so, what do I need to do in order to correct this and for the padlock to display? I appreciate the help very much (also, please make it it layman's terms - I understand most php and html jargon, but I must admit, I do get lost every now and then.


Thanks again for any help!

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I got it working mostly. The popup warning sign is every time I go to the next page. The padlock displays, but when I click yes on the popup, it dissappears until the next page. When you click no, it does stay . Not too sure how to keep the popup from popping up. I checked the www in my configure files.

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The reason you are getting the 'secure and insecure content' warning is because of the images in the footer - for example:




This needs to be:





You appear also to have hard-coded other card images, for example:


<IMG SRC="http://www.ancienttimesonline.com/catalog/images/MasterCard.jpg" ALT="Master Card" BORDER=0>


This should be entered as:


<img src="images/MasterCard.jpg" alt="Master Card" border="0">



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