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Dmoz Cloning


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What Do You think about buliding directories that are using ODP links databases?

I found few websites that are using it with a good result.


The catalog - the script is using DMOZ's database

or this one


The website - has thousand of links from this catalog, as link to it is included on each site of listing. I suppose that that kind a links are worth not much but...


Isn't it thousands of free sub-pages for Your website? of course if You would decide to include it as a part of Your main website, which might not be a good solution for websites that have only few pages and good overall PR. That PR would be distributed beetwean all your pages than and the little increase of PR caused by adding so many outbound links won't give any effect or would even decrease Your whole website PR.


You can also put it under other domain or sub-domain, popularize a bit by adding to free directories list. Than it would be a stand-alone directory where You may be advertising Your own websites.


I found some easy to use CMS'es for that kind a directory:



Some of them are easy to template with one single file and have options to choose which categories from DMOZ to display, to put only the most theme related outbound links to Your website.


Would like to hear your oppinion about this




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This attempt at PR funneling is flawed...the net benefit is not worth the hassle.


Once you establish the directory and import the data it'll be 1-2 updates before PR is awarded. Then, unless the PR is high enough to push rank into the structure it'll stop at 2-3 categories deep. The effect of sitewide links is being scrutinized by Google and may have exactly the opposite effect on the main domain PR.


All said and done it would be faster and less work just to submit to established directories. Of course, if you have aspirations of monetizing the directory through premium submisisons or other means (AdSense for example) then it may be worth building. However, don't expect any return from the PR or otherwise for at least 6-12 months.



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