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The e-commerce.

is it possible to get product listing


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Was wondering is it possibly to get product listings to print out just small letters, or maybe first letter a capitol one, and the rest small letters?


We often have situation where we copy information from vendor by clicking and pasting, and when adding many products at once, there usually isnt time to start writing all the headlines again, therefore some products are with capitol letters and others with small letters...


Any ideas? would this be something that could be easily done? would help out to keep things looking much more clearer when they all are printed out in the listing only one way :rolleyes:


Any help very much appreciated! :)



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Okies got it working, incase someone else needs this, heres the instructions:


[this will make your product listing to automatically print products names with first letter as capital and the rest as lowercase]


Open catalog/includes/modules/product_listing.php


FIND (there is a few):






IF you are using alphabets ?-?


FIND (the lower one, theres 2):



ADD AFTER (and replace fi_FI with your own country code):

setlocale(LC_ALL, 'fi_FI');


Comments, questions etc: PM me

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