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I have taken the code for the search infobox out of the infobox and placed it at the top of my site.


Before you ask, I didn't want the search box to have the same look and feel of the other infoboxes!

Personal preference I guess!


My problem is, now that I have commented out

require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'search.php');

in includes/column_left.php, and now the Manufacturer drop down box no longer works - instead of listing the products, it takes you to the advanced search page.

Uncomment the code and it works again!


I am presuming that includes/boxes/manufacturers.php uses something in includes/boxes/search.php but I can't figure out what - and I could be completely wrong anyway!!


We can live without the manufacturer search, but it's a nice feature, so if anyone can help, I'd be grateful!!

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Something else weird here - when you login or update the cart, you are sent to the advanced search page.


Put the search box back in the left hand column, and it all works ok again.


Please, does anyone have ideas?



I think you have a problem with the code you added at the top.

Like not closing the forms. as such many buttons will be on the search form and when you press them take you there.

Treasurer MFC

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