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The e-commerce.

1 Product online store help


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I know I posted recently with a similar question, but I wish to rephrase it.


I am creating a site for a client that only sells 1 product. I have never touched eCommerce in my life, but I know php/mysql. They want live shipping quotes, invoiceing, reporting, etc to be integrated into the store. They also wish it to have a completly customized look (no paypal or third part hosted checkouts).


Can anyone give me any suggestions with this osCommerce program? any experience?


BTW can I customize the look of osCommerce? (beyond simple font/color/etc...I mean completly customize it)



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I believe its the contribution that emails half of the CC# and stores the other half. So a hacker wouldbe may have trouble putting them together. That is the safest way if they want to store the CC data and punch it into a merchant pad themselves.


The live shipping quotes can be obtained through a contribution for USPS also, I believe it may be called "USPS Methods". Works really well and you can tweek the shipping cost after the live results are pulled if you want to add in handling.


Invoicing, Reporting, Batch Order Processing, is all customizable and normally by contributions or already included with vanilla install.


Yes you can customize osCommerce to look and feel what you want it to be like with a bit of knowledge but I chose osCommerce for its stylish and simple look.

Kenneth S


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