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phpmyadmin help please


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Hello everyone,


I really need help with my phpmyadmin I just loaded so that I can start working on my oscommerce site. I uploaded phpmyadmin to my ftp and did everything (at least I think everything) I should in the config.inc file. But I do not see a place to create a database or do anything. All I see is to change themes or langauges, view the phpMyAdmin documentation , view the Official phpMyAdmin Homepage and the following:


[ChangeLog] [CVS] [Lists]


I could of sworn I read somewhere that phpmyadmin creates databases as well as edit them. I am using version 2.6.2 and need help ASAP please. Also, before when I was on shared hosting (now I'm on dedicated) I had a form to make new databases and set permissions. I know that the form that I used to use was built into cpanel, which I don't have. Is there another script from like sourceforge.net that I can use to do this? I already searched but didn't find anything.




-Daniel Pollack

dan182skater AT aol.com

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could be what your host allows you to do via phpmyadmin, you may have to create the database via a cpanel/vdeck. most hosts have phpmyadmin for modifying the database only.

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if it is dedicated, then you should have full rights, sounds like you have an incorrect setting in phpmyadmin config file.

you can use mysql admin or mysql connector to do the same thing. those u get from mysql.com and very easy to setup.


for phpmyadmin you will need to login to mysql with a user name which has full rights. have you setup a username and password yet? root is a user, however if you didnt assigna password, could be trouble

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