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Search on key words not in Description?


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I have a site for a greeting card store. The Description field contains the text inside a card.


We have placed the cards in Categories, such as Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, etc., but I would like to add the ability to search on keywords such as dog, husband, and so forth--often a theme that appears on the picture on the outside of the card, but doesn't really exist in text. In other words, it's often difficult to place a card in just one Category.


I have not placed these keywords into the catalog because I don't know where best to put them, in order for them to appear in search results.


Ideally, the keywords wouldn't really display anywhere. The shop is not multi-lingual, so I thought perhaps I could just place them into the Description field for one of the other languages--but the current Search only seems to look in the Description for the language being used.


I'd like your ideas about how best to accomplish this. If someone can tell me how to modify the Search, so it would look at all the Description fields, I could make that mod.


On the other hand, if anyone has any other approach, I'd appreciate hearing about it. Thanks a lot.

Mike in Key West

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Never mind.


I didn't realize that you can "copy" a Product to other Categories via a Link, instead of duplicating the Product.


I would have erased my original post, but I don't see how to do that. If the moderator wants to, be my guest. :)

Mike in Key West

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You could also try the contribution product ectra fields



it lets you add an extra field that shows on the page when you are entering the product so you can specify search words for it. doesnt show on the product page that customers see... only in admin

Wendy James


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

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