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The e-commerce.

Shipping Setup Questions


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Hi all, please forgive me for my ignorance.


Hello all!! I am new to Php. I have a friend that has the worst website for commerce in the world. I am his computer geek friend and said that i could help him out. You have a wonderful soultion here and i was wondering about a few things, if they are available before i go all out and start converting his excel spreadsheets.


Here is the scenario:


1: The paypal invoice is recieved

2: He logs into the UPS system and fill in the shipping data

3: He then creates email with UPS tracking# and Thanks for buying speach

4: Prints ups label

5: Prints little orange envelope shipper invoice (the plactic bag invoice)

6: Prints a copy of above for company records


I found the shipping artice #160 and THIS contribution and THIS and THIS and THIS TOO so ihave been doing some research, bu tit is time to ask questions now.


He currently processes about 50-130 orders a day all manually. All the info is copy and pasted in Word by his wife.

There just seems to be so stuff out there and i really could use a little help on setting up this store.


I have a test page up right now, still learning how to edit the text and the banner and stuff, but will learn about css. My workspace is HERE


Love the work and any guides for php programming would rock


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