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The e-commerce.

which contribution??? physical store stuff


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looking for a contribution that lets you use osc to keep track of inventory of a physical store... i know it exists but i couldn't find it.



i guess it would have some sort of 'in-store-user' (person sitting at the cash register).. when somebody buys an item it subtracts it from the inventory and lets you print an invoice...

Thanks for your help.

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TurboCash works well for that, POS, Bar Code, Cash Register Integration

I'm looking for a POS, Barcode, Cash Register integration... I'll pay if I have to.


TurboCash link is busted and I can't read German...


I'd like to chat with someone that could help me setup POS w/ barcode/cash register.


Thanks everyone!


EDIT: Found an english site, http://www.turbocashuk.com/

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Okay i installed both Turbocash and the plugin'


But i can't get it to connect


When I type in my information it says that it cannot connect to the DB. It always adds @user-mindspring... (my cable info) to the end of the username, even though it's not supposed to.


Does anyone know how to configure the OSCLink for Turbocash to connect to osC? I'm using MySQL on a linux box if that's important.



Thanks everyone

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