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Amazon ECS 4.0 catalog browsing?


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Hi guys. Sorry for the newbie question - took my first steps with osC last night, still learning.


Anyway.. dug around, cant find an existing answer, so time to ask.


Does osC support exist (in some form) for browsing the Amazon catalog via the ECS 4.0 gateway? I know ECS3.0 seems to be out there, but 4.0?


If not, it's in the works and due out any week now, right? B-)


I found a working ECS4.0 code snippet for doing search queries, and Im in debate on trying to hack this into osC to preload the product DB prior to local search and browse queries (using the local DB like an Amazon cache, effectively) or just waiting until someone else does it (given that I have sufficient PHP and MySQL experience, but no osC or ECS experience yet.)



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