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Remove OSCommerce using Fantastico


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Hello there and thanks for checkin' this topic :D


I had a problem in my OSC so now I just decided to remove it and start with a new fresh clean copy <_<


I used Fantastico to install it and used it too to remove some other copies I did (for testing purposes). Always (when removing) after clicking on "Remove" there appeared an aware ("This is the last aware, sure you want to... bla bla bla") and an option below labeled "Remove". So you just click on that and is done.


Well, now with my Live store (the one I want to remove and rebuild from zero) when I choose to remove it I get a different options-screen, wich say:

In order to remove this OS Commerce installation, you need to first click the below button 

>Prepare OS Commerce for removal<

When finished, click below to proceed 

>Remove OS Commerce<


Well, I do as said. So click on the first button (Prepare OS Commerce for removal) and it opens a new window wich says:


Warning: shell_exec() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/domain/public_html/catalog/prepare_removal.php on line 25
Operation completed. Close this window and proceed with removal.


The window's url is: http://mydomain.com/catalog/prepare_removal.php


Well. After that I close the window and go back to Fantastico, click on the next button (Remmove OS Commerce) but nothing happend! it just refresh the same options screen.


I look at the folders and they are still there, the databases are still in the server and the whole live store is also still working.


I tried removing (the same way) another store that I had and had no problem, it was just as usual (aware of deleting and only one button for the whole thing, just easy).


Well, I went browsing the site and downloaded that file (prepare_removal.php). Revised it and has nothing (that I can understand) in line 25. I think that's the problem, I have to fix something in the code in order to remove the site correctly (because I don't want to just delete everything... folders, DB, etc.).


I'm leaving here the prepare_removal.php code in case somebody can review it:


   $InstallationPath      = trim ( $_POST['scriptpath_show'     ] );
   $InstallationDirectory = trim ( $_POST['localapp_folder_name'] );
   $Permission            = trim ( $_POST['Permission'] );

   $FilesList = $InstallationPath . '/fantastico_fileslist.txt';

   if ( empty ( $InstallationDirectory ) && is_file ( $FilesList ) )
       $FilesListContents = file ( $FilesList );
       foreach ( $FilesListContents As $File )
           $File = trim ( $File );
           if ( !empty ( $File ) )
               $Command = 'chmod -R ' . $Permission . ' "' . $InstallationPath . '/' . $File . '"';
               $Output  = `$Command 2>&1`                                         ;
       $Command = 'chmod -R ' . $Permission . ' "' . $InstallationPath . '"';
       $Output  = `$Command 2>&1`                           ;

   echo 'Operation completed. Close this window and proceed with removal.';


So, as you could see, line 25 is:

 $Output  = `$Command 2>&1`                                         ;


Please, I need to delete this in order to rebuild my store :'( . Any help will be very appreciated :lol:

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Ok, everything is done.


Just in case somebody else needs help with this, what I did was...


First, remove the security (using the options you find in Fantastico), when your site is unblocked you can safely remove it. You know that your site is not under protection 'coz when you go into your store (as a normal customer) there is the typical pink banner on top awaring that the site is not protected.


I used the cPanel Files manager to remove the /catalog folder (that way it is stored in the Trash, a temporaly folder and not definitly deleted).


I went into MySQL and deleted ALL the related DataBases (about 3, because you have to delete the users and all the stuff).


Do FTP to your site and go into /.fantasticodata/ and remove the corresponding folder to /OS_Commerce. This way you "clean" the installation historial.


Finally you go again to the Files manager and can empty the Trash.


This way I could remove OS Commerce from my site and rebuild another store even using all my other old names (folders, paths, databases, users, etc.) and your changes are also recognized by the Fantastico history/details.

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I deleted 3 from MySQL :-"


Well, the most probably is that you be right, I'm not a PHPmaster, neither good with MySQL nor MyPHP but the case is the same, I deleted 3 things in MySQL.


I was just tryin' to make it easy to understand for the newbies.


I remember that I deleted only one DB, one User and one more thing there (in MySQL). So 3 things in total.

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  • 4 years later...

Thanks so much for posting this even though you already solved the problem, it was a lot of help for me!


The only thing that I still needed to remove was:

installed_in_root.php in the fantastico folder.


Now at least I am back to where I was 2 days ago.. :)

At least doing it so many times over again I am really getting the hang of it hihi.





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