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Best Way To Sell?


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Hello all,


I have a question that is not necessary technical. It is regarding the best way to sell my products. Before I upload all my products, I wanted to run by you all who have shopping carts my senario, and perhaps some of you could share with me how you would set up your shop to sell these products.


As an example, I would like to sell Jelly Beans. (300,000 Jelly Beans)


We sell the Jelly Beans By Colors (red, green, blue) and by size, (large and small).

To make things even harder, we also offer variations of colors such as Light Red, Medium Red, and Dark Red. And customers may only want to buy Large Medium Red Jelly Beans. And we need to tell them how many of those we have in stock.



Some customer may want to buy all red jelly beans and they may not care what size they are.


Others may only want to by small jelly beans, but dont care what color they are.


We are trying to figure out how to set this up.


I look forward to your thoughful feedbacks!

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I would suggest you create different packages. Single color and size, single color and mixed sizes, mixed color and single size, etc. Then, sell them by quantities, 100, 250, 500 jelly beans.


Your products would be the packages. Each product/package would have an option of size.


Give your customers choice but not too much choice. To much choice can be too confusing.



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