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The e-commerce.

Rate my store!


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A lot of you have good suggestions and comments so here goes...I've set up my live store but so far have not had much luck with visitors or sales. Please have a look and let me know what I can improve upon or change.




This is my first time setting up a store and I've submitted it to the various search engines but have no idea how to increase exposure or hits :'(


Thanks for your time in advance.

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Like the font and product images.

Definitely don't like the flat black, maybe try using an image to give the black some depth if you really want to use the black.

Still looks pretty stock oscom, i'm a lover of center shop though, so maybe use that aswell.

Also install Chemo's SEO urls contribution to put the product category and name in the address bar. Also the header and meta tags contribution. These will improve your site for the search engines and ultimately improve the amount of visitors (eventually!!).





A little knowledge is dangerous, I SHOULD KNOW.

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You've got the right idea with using the search engines. If you really want to increase your exposure, you may want to buy keywords. Try to think like your customer. Unless they are looking for your store by name, what words would they type in a search engine to find your products?


Your product images are nice and clear, but your prices are out there. I'm not in your target demographic, so maybe I'm way off in my assessment. Do people really pay $30 for a tee shirt? Is it hand painted or something?

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First of all, just want you to know that the button pack you have is pretty sweet.


What's unfortunate? That is my favorite part. :'(

Some ideas...you seem like your really like the black and white thing. Which is alright, but the top of your page is cartoonie* like your t shirts and the rest of your site is boxie* and plain like OSC.


Did you make those buttons? I would make some box header and border graphics and make your site look more alive and less square. Sticking with the black and white isn't bad, I don't love it, but I see it as a blessing in disguise because they viewer eyes go straight to those pretty colorful pictures of your product.


Also, you don't have a ton of content, so maybe tighten up your site with some table widths. Centered ofcourse.


Good Luck ooglie! B)

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I don't have anything else to say that hasn't been said but I did want to say I love the fact you made some really cute and original buttons.

Wendy James


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

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Nobody is an instant designer. Don't be disheartened by the negative comments. It will come to you eventually. Take a look at some of the other sites and see what they are doing. That is what the forum is here for. So you can give and receive comments before opening to the public, who may be even more critcal, simply by staying away. :P


Good luck



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