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Fedex Multi piece shipment Box weights not right


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I have real problem with the way that the weight calculations are done.

It seems that everyone is doing it this way:


You enter a MAX weight per box

You enter weights for products.


If the total weight of the order goes over the max, it divides the order weight evenly.



Given: Your max weight per box is 40

CUstomer buys 3 VCR's that weigh 19 lb's each.


The calculation makes 2 packages weighing, 1/2 of 57 lbs or 28.5 lbs.


Problem: Obviously I cannot break a VCR in half and ship 1/2 in the first box and 1/2 in the second box. THe shipping modules SHOULD do something like the ZONEX contribution where it tries to fill up BOX 1 to its max, THEN it goes to box 2.

This should be the default way to calculate shipping for ALL the modules. Why is it done this way?


Does anyone use Fedex Real Time quotes?

If so, have you incorporated the ZONEX calculation into the code? If not, I guess I will try to figure out how, but it looks complicated.


Another related item:

I have different sized boxes for different sized products and depending on the product size, type, there are 2 things that change: 1, the max # of THAT particulate product that should ship in a single box, and 2, the TARE weight for that item.


Here is what I have:

I have special boxes made that can ship 1 or 2 VCR sized remote access devices. I never want to put more than 2 in a box because I have special foam made for them. THe tare weight changes slightly because I have 2 box sizes, a small box for 1 device, a larger box for 2, but 2 is my max. Sometimes I ship an odd quantity so I may have 3 large and 1 small box for a total of 7 devices.


Here is the possible solution to all the above problems:

1. Be able to specify a maximum amount of THIS particular item per box

2. Associate an item AND the quantity of that item with a particular box TARE weight.

3. Be able to specify that an item is sometimes an accessory of another item (such as cables) like in MASTER PRODUCTS, and a maximum amount of those that can go 1) WITH the master product, AND ALSO 2) the max amount that can go in 1 box (which could be just controlled by the max weight and max qty of this item to ship in a box.


Has anyone programmed anything close to this, AND specifically for the Fedex Real Time Quotes section? It seems like it should be a function of ORDER TOTAL and not SHIPPING.

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I made my own adaptation of the UPS XML contribution that takes care of weights and boxes and put it into checkout_shipping.

The real UPS XML contribution also handles dimensions.


Suggest you look into it ...




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